Bitcoin rises on its 15th anniversary while InQubeta and Solana are poised for a major rally

Bitcoin rises on its 15th anniversary while InQubeta and Solana are poised for a major rally

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It has been 15 years since the Bitcoin whitepaper, penned by Satoshi Nakamoto, was released. The whitepaper remains as relevant as it was when it was published in October 2008 and continues to influence blockchain developers across the world.

Bitcoin’s rise on the anniversary of its whitepaper launch further cemented people’s confidence in the cryptocurrency. Two other top crypto coins that have been garnering global attention are InQubeta (QUBE) and Solana (SOL).

While Solana provides developers with cutting-edge tools to create dApps, InQubeta assists startups working with artificial intelligence (AI) to find funding for their projects.

InQubeta’s innovative use case and features have won praise from crypto analysts across the world. Its presale funding has also taken the world by surprise. So far, InQubeta has raised over $4.3 million and could be potentially heading towards a major bullish rally in the future.

InQubeta: Shaping the future of AI

InQubeta is among the best crypto investments of the year as it strives to drive an AI revolution while empowering both startups as well as regular crypto users. The QUBE token is InQubeta’s native token, and it’s used for various transactional purposes on the network.

The token has its supply capped at 1.5 billion. Holders can also stake the QUBE token and secure the network by confirming transactions. In exchange for their efforts, the platform rewards them with cryptocurrency.

The QUBE token plays a key role in InQubeta’s decentralized governance. In other words, there’s no central authority for running the platform. All important decisions are taken in consultation with all stakeholders. If a community member feels the need for a change, they move it as a proposal, and it’s discussed by others.

The proposal’s implementation depends on a voting process in which all token holders participate as they get special voting rights. Depending on how useful they feel the proposed changes are, token holders can make decisions in the best interests of the platform.

Called one of the best altcoins to buy now, InQubeta has won over startups with its transparent and hassle-free mechanism for crowdfunding. AI startups can look forward to connecting with investors without having to complete any formalities or go through documents.

Through the InQubeta platform, they can get all the funding that they need with just a few clicks. The only thing that startups need for onboarding is a rewards-based offer for investors. These offers are converted into NFTs and then posted on InQubeta’s online marketplace.

If an investor agrees with the offer made by a startup, they can purchase it with QUBE tokens. As these NFTs can be fractionalised, investors can purchase a small part of the asset rather than the entire NFT.

Bitcoin whitepaper completes 15 years

Bitcoin is among the earliest cryptocurrencies to appear on the market, and it has since maintained its hold over the market. For many analysts, crypto users are drawn towards it as it was the first crypto and also pioneered the current blockchain revolution.

It has a native token called BTC, and it’s the official medium of exchange on the Bitcoin blockchain. To keep its network secure through the authentication of transactions, Bitcoin leverages the proof-of-work consensus algorithm.

The BTC token is currently in the middle of a bullish rally and has registered huge gains for its long-term holders. Analysts believe the current rally could extend into the new year too.

Render Network shifts core architecture to Solana blockchain

Solana is a decentralized platform where developers can access Web 3.0 infrastructure for developing powerful dApps. It works on a customized consensus algorithm that combines the proof-of-history and proof-of-stake protocols, which boosts scalability and security.

The hybrid consensus makes it a good crypto to buy for both institutional and small-time crypto users. Its native token is SOL, and it has become a very popular cryptocurrency due to its major utilities.

A decentralized computing platform, the Render Network recently completed the migration of its core infrastructure to Solana from Ethereum. With the move, RNDR token holders can also shift their tokens to the Solana blockchain.

With this migration, the Render Network will be able to offer its users new features like dynamic NFTs and real-time streaming.


As Bitcoin’s whitepaper completes its 15th anniversary, its journey is a remarkable one and has led it to become one of the top crypto coins of all time.

However, Solana and InQubeta are giving it tough competition with their next-generation model. These platforms are promoting innovation and are currently engaged in boosting the mainstream adoption of DeFi solutions.

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