Can You Invest in Forex Through Crypto Platforms? With Xeta Genesis, You Can

Can You Invest in Forex Through Crypto Platforms? With Xeta Genesis, You Can

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Crypto investors always want more and it’s not necessarily the case that they just want to invest in DeFi. Traditional finance can also be appealing, it’s just that they can’t invest in it easily because it really isn’t accessible. Plus, they may have a lot of their capital in the DeFi space, which is hard to get into the traditional finance ecosystem.

Xeta Genesis solves all of those problems. It’s why so many crypto users have rushed to check out this platform, which offers up to 20% per month in average returns. It doesn’t take much to get started, which is the subject of our discussion here. We provide all the info you need to get going with this revolutionary new DeFi platform.

Xeta Genesis Is The Start of Something New

Xeta Genesis describes itself as “the beginning of a new DeFi.” That’s no exaggeration, as it really can change how we perceive the crypto space and its integration with other global markets in the years to come. There’s something truly special here and Xeta Genesis can make entering and dealing with financial markets pleasant for those who largely operate on one of the two sides – traditional or decentralized finance.

Traditional finance encompasses the established markets in the financial realm, including ETFs, bonds, stocks, forex, gold, commodities, and the like. This domain stands in direct juxtaposition to recent developments, particularly DeFi, which has introduced the term “traditional finance” to highlight its innovative and distinct nature compared to the more conventional financial systems.

However, it’s not a matter of DeFi replacing traditional finance, but rather a recognition that they can coexist to the benefit of all parties involved. Xeta Genesis recognizes this and is in the process of constructing solutions that provide investors with the best of both worlds through its platform. This endeavor is reflected in the current figures, with nearly $24 million in total deposits.

The project achieves this through various strategies, resulting in investors enjoying an average monthly return of 20%. The investments themselves are made in USDC, and withdrawals follow 28-day cycles, also known as XETA cycles.

Launched just last year, Xeta Genesis has made swift progress and established itself as a cornerstone in its niche. Notable features include high-frequency trading in gold ETFs, futures, and forex. For those inclined towards a more technical approach to investing, Xeta Genesis offers opportunities for incremental gains in the forex market utilizing tools like moving averages, momentum oscillators, support and resistance price levels, and price patterns.

Getting started with Xeta Genesis is a straightforward process, requiring nothing more than a crypto wallet that supports either Ethereum or Avalanche. Subsequently, you’ll need to connect your wallet to the platform, after which you can participate via accounts or pools.

Get Started With a Xeta Genesis Account Now

Genesis Accounts is what makes all of the magic work. These function as membership tiers, available at different price points of $250, $500, and $1000 USDC.

Genesis Accounts are yield-bearing memberships, yielding up to 20% per month and offering withdrawals on a 28-day schedule. These accounts require annual renewal with a $25 monthly membership fee, and withdrawals carry a 2.5% fee.

Moving on from Genesis Accounts, potential users may find Genesis Pools more enticing due to their substantial benefits and appealing features that can significantly impact one’s portfolio.

Genesis Pools, a prominent feature of Xeta Genesis, serve as the project’s flagship investment offering. They allow individuals to choose a Genesis Pool based on size and return target, and then deposit USDC. These pools are yield-bearing private sub-accounts within the XETA Fund (XF), generating up to 20% compounding returns per month, and are accessible for withdrawal through your dashboard.

To utilize a Genesis Pool, an active Genesis Account is required. The pools themselves entail a 2.5% monthly management fee based on the principal balance. Additionally, there’s a 2.5% withdrawal fee, and it’s important to note that only returns, not the principal amount, can be withdrawn.

All data management can be facilitated through the XETADATA dashboard, accessible to all members. Here, they can initiate withdrawals, oversee account maintenance, and view both weekly and cumulative performance data for individual accounts and pools.


For the crypto sphere to truly expand and integrate seamlessly into the broader financial landscape, it must forge stronger connections with existing markets. Xeta Genesis stands out as a leader in terms of comprehensive integration and is truly pioneering a new trend that may change the world forever. We strongly encourage taking a look at the project and its features, particularly the Genesis pools, and don’t forget to also stay updated on the project’s developments through its social media channels.



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