CHMPZ Stage 15 is Here – And You Can Get Up to 4X Bonus CHMPZ Tokens If You Invest Now

CHMPZ Stage 15 is Here – And You Can Get Up to 4X Bonus CHMPZ Tokens If You Invest Now

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It’s not often you come across a project like Chimpzee (CHMPZ). In fact, it seems that many investors in the crypto market have caught onto this special little project as they are moving into it in droves. The project is now in its 15th stage, with only 1 more stage to go after this.

As was the case in past stages, this stage will see the project helping WeForest plant over 5,000 trees in Tanzania to help fight climate change. We give you all the details on this and the presale so you can get involved now – and this includes info on the up to 4x BONUS CHMPZ tokens drop.

CHMPZ Bonus Makes The Token A Steal


Chimpzee is going to help WeForest plant over 5000 trees in Tanzania to help fight climate change and will burn another 1 Billion tokens dropping the total supply to 35 Billion tokens!


— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) October 30, 2023

Right off the bat, we’ll let you know that Chimpzee is currently working with WeForest to plant over 5,000 trees in Tanzania to help fight climate change. Of course, this depends on hitting the raise goal, which looks likely given the high interest. So far, CHMPZ has raised over $1.76 million.

The CHMPZ token is currently priced at $0.00140, but the next stage will see an increase to $0.00155 in the next and final stage, with the listing price set at $0.00185. Investors also have the opportunity to take advantage of the current bonus and bring their per token price down to early prices you missed out on in the presale.

Investors can get various levels of bonus depending on how much they invest. For more than $500, they get a 1.5x bonus; for more than $1000, they get a 2x bonus; and for more than $5000, they get a 4x bonus.

Additionally, an exclusive Chimpzee Diamond NFT reward is available exclusively during the presale. Those who miss out on this opportunity in this phase will have a chance to acquire them in the future, albeit at a higher cost and with limited availability. Non-presale participants will need to wait for the prelaunch of the whitelist NFT passport, a privilege reserved only for initial presale contributors.

The eligibility to obtain the Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will be retained exclusively by those who participated in the initial presale round. Furthermore, when CHMPZ coins are used to acquire Chimpzee NFT passports, a burning mechanism will be triggered, potentially burning 5 billion tokens from the circulating supply.

Following the presale, the Chimpzee team will pivot their main efforts towards securing listings on diverse exchanges and progressing technological features. This the Chimpzee store, which has already launched part 1 of it, and the  NFT marketplace is currently in development.

Chimpzee Is Setting An Example For The Crypto Industry

Chimpzee is committed to wildlife conservation and combating climate change, while also providing users a means to generate passive income. The team has allocated 10% of the token supply and a portion of profits to organizations actively involved in addressing these crucial issues. Additionally, Chimpzee has outlined extensive plans for an ambassador program and community outreach initiative, funded by the project’s resources, to emphasize the significance of raising awareness and funds for conservation efforts. Collaborative organizations include The Gibing Block, Rainforest Rescue, WILD, and One Tree Planted.

In pursuit of this mission, Chimpzee introduces a suite of robust features, including Play-to-Earn, Shop-to-Earn, and Trade-to-Earn mechanisms. These functionalities empower users to earn rewards while actively contributing to the project’s overarching goals.

Chimpzee presents a diverse range of features tailored to engage cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with a particular emphasis on the Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and Zero Tolerance Game. Among these, the Chimpzee shop acts as a centralized hub for various products and commodities. In contrast, the NFT marketplace facilitates the trading of NFTs, providing a channel for passive income through a share of the platform’s trading fees.

By achieving specific milestones in the environmentally-conscious Zero Tolerance Game, players can accumulate CHMPZ tokens. Holders of Chimpzee NFT passports receive additional benefits, enhancing their passive income potential within the Chimpzee ecosystem. The following outlines the stages involved in obtaining a Chimpzee NFT passport.

Chimpzee is also on the brink of unveiling a mobile application that integrates AI technology to create personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. This innovative app empowers users to craft their own unique chimpzee avatars.


Chimpzee is clearly a top contender in the crypto market right now. We highly recommend taking a look at the project right way – the sooner, the better, as the project is quickly selling out and the bonus promo is not going to last much longer. Don’t forget to engage with the social media channels as well.

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