Crypto Experts are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is the Next Big Thing – Here's Why

Crypto Experts are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is the Next Big Thing – Here's Why

Crypto experts have named Fight Out as being among the best crypto projects to invest in this year, with the new move-to-earn project ready to take the fitness industry by storm.

More than $4.15 million has now been invested in FGHT tokens with the presale racing towards its finish on March 31, 2023.

The price increases every 12 hours and presale investors can also earn up to 50% in extra tokens – depending on the purchase amount and length of the vesting period.

Fight Out allows users who subscribe to its app to earn REPS – a second, off-chain token – for completing full-body workouts at home or in the gym.

Unlike previous M2E projects, which have focused on counting steps and needed expensive NFTs to get going, Fight Out offers a much broader rewards system and cheaper entry point – using a more traditional monthly subscription model.

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YouTubers Impressed by Fight Out

Fight Out has been featured on several major YouTube crypto channels with Crypto Gains, which has 100k subscribers, mentioning it in its list of the top four presales to invest in.

CoinInvest, a channel with 80k subscribers, also named it among the five best projects to earn crypto.

The project has been mentioned by a number of other YouTube accounts, both large and small, who have all been impressed by its high-potential future.

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Savannah Marshall Speaks to Fight Out

One of the project's ambassadors is Savannah Marshall, one of the top pound-for-pound women's boxers in the world and a fighter who is set for a huge 2023.

Marshall last fought in October in the biggest women's match ever, narrowly losing her title to Claressa Shields.

Marshall could next fight for the world super-middleweight titles next before a rematch against Shields – which would be even bigger and may even be hosted at 50,000-seat stadium St James' Park, one of the biggest stadiums in the UK.

Marshall sat down with Fight Out to explain her journey in boxing in an exclusive video.

As a project ambassador, Marshall will not only help market the project but also provide exclusive content for users and masterclass training content.

Taila Santos, who fought for a UFC title last summer, and Amanda Ribas – who is also a top 10 UFC fighter in her division – are also ambassadors, as is American Ninja Warrior Tremayne Dortch.

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How Does Fight Out Work?

The Fight Out app will use smart technology to track movement, effort, nutrition and sleep and build a digital fitness avatar and provide individual workout regimes.

The regimes cover everything from strength and conditioning to technique and mental wellness.

The avatar, which is also fully customizable, is then upgraded through completing workouts at home or in a gym, with users earning REPS when they workout.

Further REPS can be earned by facing off in daily, weekly and monthly challenges and can be used to get discounts on app subscription, book coaching sessions, or buy training apparel and equipment.

Progress is tracked, coaches can be easily accessed and the app also provides high-quality training videos, making it perfect for novices or elite-level pro athletes.

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FGHT Listing Soon

The FGHT token presale will end in March with the IEO to take place on April 5, 2023.

Listings on LBank, BKEX, BitForex,, Changelly Pro and Uniswap are all confirmed already due to the high interest around the project.

Before then, early investors can purchase a token that increases in price every 12 hours and also rewards early buyers with extra tokens.

Keep up to date with the latest Fight Out news by joining Telegram group.

Read our full how to buy FGHT tokens during the presale and find out more about the tokenomics and bonus scheme.

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