DogeStar Brings Light to Crypto Universe With 1000x Potential – Why Are Investors Backing It?

DogeStar Brings Light to Crypto Universe With 1000x Potential – Why Are Investors Backing It?

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A new meme coin sensation has emerged in the crypto galaxy as DogeStar begins to shine brightly amongst the competition.

The newly emerging meme coin is on a voyage to blend meme coin magic with financial innovation to provide rewards and raise charitable contributions.

With over $350,000 raised in its first few days of operation, it’s clear that investors are keen to get positioned early on this majestic meme spaceship.

Here’s why investors are backing it.

DogeStar’s Creating a Community-Centric Voyage Through the Galaxy

DogeStar is described as a celestial body that shines brighter than any other crypto star in the universe.

The meme coin masterpiece is designed to shine brighter every time a new crypto trend emerges, providing consistent gains for early adopters.

The primary mission of the voyage is to create a community-centric adventure through the crypto galaxy.

The project encompasses its own metaverse game that provides rewards, an NFT marketplace, a merchandise store, and a string of charitable initiatives.

Created through a coalition of crypto veterans and meme enthusiasts, DogeStar wants to become a community of crypto connoisseurs and meme aficionados that thrive on innovation.

The project seeks to become the epitome of engagement and trust in the crypto-verse by thriving on community collaboration, education, and strategic partnerships.

With $350,000 already raised in just a few days, early adopters are touting the project as the next 1000x meme coin sensation on the market.

For example, notable YouTube analyst The DeFi Whale is already touting the project as the next meme coin masterpiece;

Metaverse Game With NFT Marketplace Set to Ignite the Cosmos

DogeStar isn’t just any old meme coin clone with zero utility. Instead, it has a comprehensive ecosystem designed to bring a string of rewards for its users through consistent usage.

For example, the project intends to launch its own DogeStar Metaverse, complete with a fully-featured play-to-earn game.

The fun-filled adventure game will let players earn rewards as they complete missions and accomplish established milestones.

Rewards will be paid out in the native currency, $DOGESTAR.

Metaverse rewards are just one aspect of the ecosystem. Another component is the NFT Marketplace, allowing users to buy NFT masterpieces for usage in the DogeStar Metaverse.

The NFTs will be created by meme masters in the ecosystem and will be highly sought after in the industry.

All NFTs can be purchased using the $DOGESTAR currency, providing additional utility to investors.

To help the branding and marketing awareness, DogeStar will also launch its own merchandise store, allowing users to buy some of the coolest merch in the universe and represent the coalition of meme aficionados.

Finally, DogeStar is also a giving project with a side mission to help the citizens of Earth.

As a result, the project incorporates a series of charitable initiatives that will be raised in the ecosystem, helping the human planet become a better place.

Overall, the project has a wide ecosystem that will help it become the epitome of innovation and engagement in the crypto sphere.

Security Audit Complete With Long-Term Flight Plan Established

It doesn’t stop there.

To build trust and help bring peace of mind to investors, DogeStar has ensured to have their smart contracts audited for additional security as they journey through the crypto cosmos.

The smart contracts have been fully audited by Coinsult – one of the most highly respected security firms in the crypto industry.

In addition, investors can be confident in the roadmap of DogeStar as its flight plan is already fully established.

The project intends to launch its ecosystem over seven phases, with the project currently in the second.

Alongside being listed on major indexing sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, DogeStar has major exchange listings planned. For example, it intends to have $DOGESTAR listed on by phase four, alongside launching its DeFi platform.

It will also launch its metaverse by phase five and continue to get listings on additional top ten centralized exchanges by phase six.

Overall, DogeStar intends to become a global brand and reach the top three ranked projects in the meme market by phase seven.

$350,000 Raised – Get Positioned Before Prices Rise Further

DogeStar is currently undergoing a presale for its native $DOGESTAR.

The project has already raised a whopping $6350,000 in its first few days of operation, demonstrating the building hype behind it.

The project’s Twitter also sees hefty engagement, with over 6,100 users already following the account. In addition, the Telegram community continues to grow, with over 8,900 members and 1,150 actively engaged users.

$DOGESTAR is currently being sold for $0.00000025 USD.

However, those that get positioned earliest stand to benefit the most as the price increases during each presale stage – with the next scheduled increase set in five days.

The token intends to launch at a price of $0.0000006 USD, providing substantial returns for early adopters following its release.

However, given its impressive market entrance, investors are clearly anticipating 1000x returns over the long-term for $DOGESTAR.

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