news partners with Conflux Network to launch dev kit for China’s blockchain developers

China-based public blockchain Conflux Network and the blockchain-focused artificial intelligence lab, have today announced a partnership through which the blockchain platform would adopt AI and machine learning technologies to ease cross-chain interoperability and to build on the DeFi space. According to a release emailed to AMBCrypto,’s integration would amp up transaction speeds for the Conflux Network, which would allow speeds of up to 6400 transactions per second.

Further, this partnership would allow to scale its toolkit and test its user experience, especially by delaying their “Autonomous Economic Agents” (AEAs) technology, which was launched last month. The so-called AEA registry would allow users to “autonomously” execute actions in order to provide or achieve economic value for the end-users. had earlier explained that they aimed to build an “App Store” for other developers that would enable them to act independently without constant input from their owners.

Earlier this month, integrated Chainlink’s decentralized oracle to connect commodity prices.

Conflux Network deemed this partnership and AI integration a “critical step towards creating intelligent digital economies.” The Conflux community is backed by prominent investors such as Baidu Ventures, F2Pool, Huobi, IMO Ventures, among others.

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