Gaming Giant Integrates Ripple (XRP); Investor Appetite for Klaytn (KLAY) & InQubeta (QUBE) Grows

Gaming Giant Integrates Ripple (XRP); Investor Appetite for Klaytn (KLAY) & InQubeta (QUBE) Grows

The rapid evolution of the crypto landscape has recently taken another exciting turn, as gaming giant Roblox has expanded its payment options by integrating Ripple (XRP). While this significant partnership hints at the increasing mainstream acceptance of top crypto coins, two other top altcoins – Klaytn (KLAY) and InQubeta (QUBE) are garnering significant traction in the crypto community.

InQubeta ($QUBE) – Simplifying Investment in AI-Startups

In a rapidly digitizing world, the boundless potential of AI is a breeding ground for innovative start-ups. However, the investment barrier has long remained a hindrance for many, isolating them from early-backer benefits. Bridging this gap is the crowdfunding platform, InQubeta. By introducing a fractional investment concept, using QUBE tokens, InQubeta has democratized the investment ecosystem.

Start-ups keen on raising funds can sell some of the coolest NFTs on the platform, representing equity or rewards. Investors, using their QUBE tokens, can purchase these NFTs and own a piece of the action. As a result, start-ups get the funds they want, while investors enjoy equity benefits and rewards, ranging from profit-sharing to exclusive product access.

InQubeta's deflationary ERC20 coin, QUBE, is a great option for portfolio diversification. A unique tax structure, with 2% allocated for burning and 5% feeding into a reward pool, incentivizes QUBE holders with regular rewards. Furthermore, QUBE is not just your average crypto to buy. As a governance token, it empowers holders to drive the platform's direction through active participation in decision-making.

InQubeta’s smart contract has been audited by Hacken and holds KYC verification from BlockAudit. Their ongoing presale is a testament to its growing popularity, having raised over $3.7 million. As for its future plan, the roadmap is replete with promising milestones, including the inception of an NFT marketplace, InQubeta swap, DAO, and multi-chain expansion by 2024.

Roblox Embraces Ripple (XRP)

Roblox's decision to include XRP into its payment ecosystem isn't just a strategic move, but a step towards the future. As the online gaming platform that boasts a whopping user base of over 200 million, its inclusion of XRP marks a significant milestone in the mainstream adoption of top crypto coins. The collaboration with Xsolla, which already handles Roblox's in-game payments, and BitPay, which bridges the gap between crypto wallets and the gaming arena, signals a seismic shift.

Klaytn (KLAY) – The Enterprise BlockChain Solution

Emerging from the tech hub of South Korea, Klaytn, the brainchild of the internet provider Kakao, stands as a testament to the vast potential of blockchain. Its modular network architecture, tailored for businesses, allows seamless customization and operation of service-oriented blockchains built on top of the Klaytn foundation. KLAY, its native asset, not only fuels platform transactions but also other blockchain applications thriving on this network.


As crypto adoption continues to grow at a rapid rate, InQubeta's unique proposition stands out brilliantly. It promises a transformative impact on the AI start-up investment space, which can change the game forever. For investors, be it in gaming, enterprise blockchain, or AI start-ups, the horizon looks promising and is certainly worth paying attention to.

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