Immediate Lidex AI Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software?

Immediate Lidex AI Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software?

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Immediate Lidex AI is a crypto trading platform that promises to change cryptocurrency trading for everyone. It proclaims itself to be a fantastic platform that changes the game of crypto trading via its array of cutting-edge tools that use artificial intelligence to execute trades on behalf of investors.

Per the website website, this approach has an 85% win rate. Is it true, though? This Immediate Lidex AI review for 2023 tests these claims to find the answer.

Immediate Lidex AI Summary

Before assessing the website, here are the key features of Immediate Lidex AI summarized:

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

What is Immediate Lidex AI?

Recent market action has proved positive for the crypto space. Bitcoin has crossed the $35k mark, and while the macroeconomic conditions are torrid, the crypto market is faring well. However, that does not mean investors can get swayed by this bullish fever and pick up just any project. They need precise insight and prepare for the rapid changes in the market.

Immediate Lidex AI claims to be an auto trading platform resolving this issue with its unique tools that gauge market conditions and execute trades on behalf of investors. The platform claims to give users access to multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing them to diversify their portfolios. In addition to asset diversity, the platform also apparently supports different types of payment options.

When using these payment options, Immediate Lidex AI claims that the transactions are fast. “But don’t worry about speed compromising with the security,” claims the platform, stating it has two-factor authentication and encryption protocols to protect user data.

Immediate Lidex AI is also apparently transparent when it comes to fees. A 0.5% transaction fee is charged, which can be considered low for all types of investors. There is a minimum deposit requirement of $250, which is common with most crypto trading bots like this.

These features are appealing, but first-hand accounts and third-party reviews of them are few. The demo account, while available, still requires a minimum deposit, making free independent testing impossible. Therefore, we recommend being careful when investing through Immediate Lidex AI.

Immediate Lidex AI Pros and Cons

Listed below are the pros and cons of using Immediate Lidex AI:

Pros Claims to have a fully autonomous trading facility Offers multiple cryptocurrencies Claims to use high-end algorithms Secure platform Claims to have a win rate of 85% Cons Offers no historical data to support the win rate Does not provide in-depth information about how the platform works Requires a deposit of $250 before allowing investors to use the platform How Does Immediate Lidex AI Work?

Per the website, Immediate Lidex AI operates using a unique algorithm and artificial intelligence. It asserts that it uses advanced market analysis and decision-making capabilities to improve its performance to maximize profits.

However, the platform hasn’t expanded on how it works. Analyzing the content, we deciphered that Immediate Lidex AI might similar to other autonomous trading systems we have reviewed.

First, users create an account and makes adjustments to the settings. They can then turn on the system and, based on the pre-determined settings, this in-built trading system can buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

An asset may be bought when it reaches intra-day lows and sold when it reaches intra-day highs. The profits may later be transferred into the user’s account. During withdrawals, investors must pay a 0.5% transaction fee.

This is a simplified iteration of how Immediate Lidex AI might work, which might be correct If the platform is similar to other AI crypto trading bots we have reviewed before. But for more information, we recommend talking to the customer support team.

Immediate Lidex AI – Top Features

Here are the top features that Immediate Lidex AI claims to have:

Simplistic UI

Navigating the crypto market is complex already; users don’t have to be compelled to deal with a complex trading system as well. Therefore, Immediate Lidex AI claims to have implemented a simplified UI that anyone can interact with. All the features are supposedly laid out well and provide clear and concise instructions.

Support for Multiple Assets

Diversification is better when investing in crypto since it lets users spread market risks. Immediate Lidex AI claims to support multiple cryptocurrencies, exposing investors to multiple markets. This approach, per the website, will allow investors to hedge their bets inside the crypto arena.

Security Features

The platform claims that it is highly secure, with features like two-factor authentication and encryption protocols being implemented in the ecosystem. However, the website hasn’t named the types of encryption protocols being used to protect user’s assets.

Regulated Platform

Immediate Lidex AI claims that multiple bodies closely regulate it. However, it hasn’t mentioned the regulatory institutions involved in this matter.

Simple Account Verification Process

Immediate Lidex AI claims that it employs a simplified account verification process. Users need only provide accurate information during sign-up that will be counted as user verification. There are no long forms involved, per the claims.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

Immediate Lidex AI – Fees

Unlike other crypto trading apps that we have reviewed before, Immediate Lidex AI does not have a fee-free approach. It requires a transaction fee of 0.5% during trading. However, it hasn’t been clearly stated if there is a subscription model for using the platform.

Immediate Lidex AI – Minimum Deposit Requirement

To start using Immediate Lidex AI, investors must make a minimum deposit of $250. Investors can use multiple methods to make this deposit, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, WebMoney, Yandex, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diner’s Club, and more.

Is Immediate Lidex AI a Scam?

Immediate Lidex AI isn’t very clear on a lot of details. For one, few online reviews talk about it, and most have given us vague answers about how the platform works. Furthermore, customer testimonials for the platform are also lacking.

While these factors can be seen as red flags, it would be wrong to paint the website as such completely. Everything from the sign-up process to the platform’s usability is worth consideration. Also, while its 85% win rate has no evidence to back it up, the number isn’t that big. The fact that this platform is transparent about its fee from the start without being vague is another reason it gets positive points from us.

These different points give us a varied and contradictory image of this platform. Therefore, we recommend investing per your risk tolerance and knowing that when trading crypto, profits are never guaranteed.

Immediate Lidex AI Customer Support

Investors can reach out to the customer support team for answers. However, this utility is only available for registered users. Non-registered users don’t even have access to a Contact Us page. Those who register, however, are said to have 24/7 access to this support team.

How to use Immediate Lidex AI?

If there are enough positives in Immediate Lidex AI for you to be interested, follow the steps below to start trading:

Step 1 – Create an Account

Go to the official Immediate Lidex AI website and create an account. The process is simplified, and one only needs to add a name, phone number, and email to proceed.

Step 2 – Deposit the Minimum Amount

Once the account is made, you will receive a link to deposit the required amount. Do so, and the platform’s facilities will open to you.

Step 3 – Start Trading on Immediate Lidex AI

Once you have entered the website, start the demo trading account. Test the site’s features and see if its return rates are as advertised. Move ahead with live trading if they are.

How to Delete an Immediate Lidex AI Account?

While there are no explicit instructions about how one can delete their Immediate Lidex AI accounts, there are some generic steps you can try:

Go to the website and log in Visit your profit section and find the “cancel subscription” button. Confirm the cancellation. You may see some forms to fill out. Do so, and the account will hopefully be deleted.

Make sure to withdraw any deposits that you have in your account before terminating it.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Lidex AI?

There are no indications on the website that indicate Immediate Lidex AI has any celebrity backing. The site itself doesn’t claim any such thing. Third-party reviews don’t say anything of that sort. Also, the site does not seem very popular to gain attention from high-profile investors.

Who is the Founder of Immediate Lidex AI?

Immediate Lidex AI hasn’t said anything about the identities of its founders. The About page only says that skilled traders are involved with this process. “Each and every member of our team brings with them a wealth of experience from their previous roles at various trading and broker firms,” claims Immediate Lidex AI. However, no names have been given.

Latest Bitcoin News

Even when using autonomous trading facilities, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest updates in the market.

The Bitcoin price has crossed the $35k threshold and is currently accumulating. Bitcoin’s rise despite the weaker macroeconomic activity has investors worried that Bitcoin might not be able to stay afloat for long. Bitcoin’s latest ascent has investors rallying behind new cryptocurrencies as well. The Verdict

We have analyzed the limited information we could gather from Immediate Lidex AI. The platform offers a simplified autonomous trading facility, and its win rate, even though unconfirmed, isn’t that large.

However, many of its other claims couldn’t be verified. We don’t know who made this website, and there is no historical data to verify its win rate. In light of this, we recommend investors take extra care when using this platform.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection


What is Immediate Lidex AI?

Immediate Lidex AI claims itself to be an autonomous trading platform that helps users interact with the crypto market hands-free. It claims it has a win rate of 85% and a minimum deposit requirement of $250.

Has Elon Musk endorsed Immediate Lidex AI?

There is no information online that suggests that Elon Musk is associated with the platform in any way. While the Dogefather has become more welcoming towards cryptos other than Dogecoin since the beginning of 2023, he has clearly stated that he would not create his own crypto. Judging from this statement, we can safely state that he hasn’t endorsed any crypto trading software.

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