Play-to-Earn Game Fight Out Presale Ends in Less Than 7 Days, Listing in 13 Days – $5.8m Raised, Time to Buy?

Play-to-Earn Game Fight Out Presale Ends in Less Than 7 Days, Listing in 13 Days – $5.8m Raised, Time to Buy?

Friday, March 24th, 2023 – Fight Out, a unique play-to-earn game app, has entered the final stage of its fundraising after securing an impressive $5.8 million from investors in one of the largest game presales in recent history.

Now selling out at the exchange listing price of $0.0333, there’s no time to lose to become a part of the most innovative gaming model in crypto. 

As the crypto community comes to fully understand the implications of the Fight Out offering, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is growing among investors. It's no surprise that some analysts are now hailing Fight Out as the best crypto to buy now.

The presale ends in seven days, on March 31, and the first centralized exchange listings are in 13 days’ time, on April 5th. 

Seven exchanges have already pre-announced that they will be listing the $FGHT token –, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex and Uniswap, so trading is likely to start with a surge of bidding interest.

Fight Out is doing things differently – it is the first avatar-based game to offer rewards in and out of the app, where you bet on events throughout the fight world. 

Winning users continually build up the skills and strengths of their own individual avatar, in a mix of real and virtual worlds that makes Fight Out a one-of-a-kind platform.

Buy $FGHT token now and jump the waitlist queue to join the app of the year

By owning and staking your $FGHT, you will receive and retain free membership to the metaverse fight world of the Fight Out app. 

What’s more, the team revealed today that every $FGHT owner in presale gets instant rewards and jumps the waitlist membership queue and app account setup. 

This means those who buy and stake their tokens in the presale will get their accounts pre-funded with $FGHT.

Fight Out will pay out both digital and physical rewards. By buying tokens in presale, you are not only securing $FGHT at its lowest price, presalers are also guaranteed early access to the benefits accruing from the rewards and experiences with its elite athlete ambassadors.

So far, Fight Out has signed on four ambassadors – not only will they help market the project, they will also produce Masterclass-style content in the app.

British boxing star Savannah Marshall, who fought Claressa Shields in the most-watched women's match ever, is on board. UFC pair Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos (both ranked top 10 in their weight class) are also in the Fight Out ring, as is American Ninja Warrior NBC star and training guru Tremayne Dortch.

Fight Out is reinventing gaming and the fight world

Every day in Fight Out is a day where you can compete and wager on a full panoply of fight world activities and happenings. 

It doesn’t stop there, though. 

You can also play against friends in a private leaderboard or choose to join a massive multiplayer by entering expansive multi-thousand-player pool events.

But what if you are not good at picking winning outcomes? 

Don’t worry, because you receive rewards even when you don’t win. In other words, with Fight Out there are rewards without coming first, so you can play again and again.

There are also plans to enable those who become well-known in the community for their strong betting activity to leverage that notoriety by attracting followers!

Fight Out introduces a new paradigm that fundamentally challenges the notion of gaming as something that exists purely in a console-generated world, and instead connects gaming outcomes to what you do in the non-game world environment. 

What you do in the real world will echo in Fight Out’s new gaming paradigm

With Fight Out, what you do in this world may not exactly echo in eternity, but it will determine the outcome of hard-fought games in the Fight Out gaming ecosystem.

Fight Out makes no bones of its pitch to surf on the growing popularity of combat sports and the secular growth story that is video gaming.

And there's more. 

The ability to wager on the outcomes of sporting events is a huge business. So why not bring that to the gaming environment? 

That’s what Fight Out is doing – enabling users to create their own match-ups and then effectively run a book on the outcomes and the various probabilities that can be associated with the match.

The platform will become a center for wagering on the outcome of bouts, with avatars connected to real-world individuals. 

For instance, a virtual fight could be set up between Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury.

Algorithms linked to real-world data will determine how each fantasy fighter performs.

It can’t be said enough how unique an offering Fight Out is in the crypto world and beyond. 

As such, the return on investment for those who get in early could be exceptional.

Last chance to get FREE money by investing in Fight Out

Helping to spice up buying interest is the Fight Out bonus program that only applies in the presale. 

It is not often that you can get free money in this world, but by vesting token holdings and maxing out your investment, presale investors can get extra tokens up to 67% of the amount purchased.

To access the top-tier offering at least $50k of tokens must be bought and held for 36 months. 

Those who have already invested and taken advantage of the previous bonus program design will receive an extra 10% token distribution.

If you don’t want to lock up your tokens, you can also choose to buy without any vesting period and receive 100% of your tokens before exchange listings.

There is also now a 5% referral program denominated in the USDT (Tether stablecoin).

Fight Out is supported by Transak, LBank Labs, Block Labs and

Train hard, fight easy, win big – that’s the Fight Out way!

With hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the Web3 sector, Fight Out stands out as the only play-to-earn gaming platform with a real-world angle.

Aside from competing in games, in the Fight Out fantasy gaming ecosystem, users can interact and socialize with the rest of the community. 

As the community grows, it becomes more essential as the place to stay connected as well as play and bet – as Warren Buffett would put it, Fight Out will effectively build its own moat of competitive advantage.

With Fight Out, you train hard, fight easy, win big – it encourages training, makes it easier to compete with other users, and lets those same users wager on outcomes. 

Fight Out’s unrivaled fantasy gaming environment means it is in the vanguard of a new type of gaming experience, in what is stacking up as one of the most profitable business opportunities seen in or outside crypto.

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