Ripple (XRP) Shoots Above $0.60 and Eyes $1; InQubeta (QUBE) Braces for 1,210% Growth

Ripple (XRP) Shoots Above $0.60 and Eyes $1; InQubeta (QUBE) Braces for 1,210% Growth

Enterprise-grade cryptocurrency Ripple spread some cheer among its patrons after its price surged past $0.60 recently. Given the recent trends and Ripple’s current bullish hold over the market, analysts feel that it has the potential to extend this price rally and even cross $1 in the coming months.

Another top altcoin that is currently on every analyst’s radar is InQubeta (QUBE) which could be potentially heading for a mammoth 1,210% growth. The Ethereum-based platform connects startups developing artificial intelligence-based solutions with potential investors.

It was launched earlier this year and its presale is already being dubbed as one of the best new ICOs of 2023. So far, its presale has accumulated $4.2 million in funding.

InQubeta: Discovering new possibilities with DeFi

InQubeta is an ideal platform for anyone who wants to be a part of the AI revolution and become financially independent. With InQubeta, AI startups don’t have to worry about running out of funding while developing change-driven solutions.

For investors, InQubeta offers a budget-friendly option that can help them create a stable source of income. Its native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token, and it is used for all payments and rewards on the platform. The token is modeled on the ERC-20 standard and can be bought on presale currently at very low prices. The QUBE token is currently available for purchase at a price of $0.0133.

By holding QUBE tokens, crypto users can also turn validators to confirm transactions and contribute to the network’s security. In exchange, they bag cryptocurrencies as rewards.

QUBE is a top altcoin and has a deflationary model, which is useful while dealing with market volatility or internal inflation. A deflationary token’s supply is intentionally restricted to ensure that it doesn’t rise above the demand.

With a scarce supply, the InQubeta team can keep price fluctuations minimal. In case the supply rises beyond a level that the team is comfortable with, the excess tokens are destroyed by burning them in a token burn wallet.

This usually happens when tokens are bought or sold, as there is a tax levied on all such transactions. As buyers and sellers of QUBE tokens have to pay the tax proceeds with QUBE tokens, they might influence the circulation of the cryptocurrency.

To prevent the supply from rising sharply, a small portion of tax proceeds is burned. The remaining is used for financing marketing campaigns and maintaining the rewards pool, among other uses.

InQubeta is among the new altcoins that have impressed users with their simple yet transparent mechanism. Both startups and investors can find the right opportunity for them without having to go through a series of formalities or read documents filled with jargon.

They can connect and identify a promising opportunity for themselves with just a few clicks. The only thing that startups need to have before onboarding InQubeta is an offer entailing the rewards that an investor would get in exchange for funding a project.

Using tokenization, these offers are turned into NFTs and posted on an online marketplace where investors can access them. If an investor likes an offer, they can pay for the NFT with QUBE tokens.

The NFT can also be split into smaller assets with fractionalization. Hence, investors get the leeway to stay within a budget and still invest in a startup.

Ripple-backed LuLu Exchange joins hands with Dubai-based Mbank

Leveraging the XRP Ledger technology, Ripple is a decentralized platform offering blockchain-powered solutions for businesses and financial institutions.

From enabling businesses to offer fast online transactions to assisting central banks with the issuance of stablecoins, Ripple is a versatile platform for enterprise-grade solutions. Its native token is XRP, and has become a popular cryptocurrency in the past few years.

Given its ability to drive impact on a global scale with its solutions, Ripple has entered into several partnerships to ramp up its user base. In a recent development, Dubai-based Al Maryah Community Bank (MBank) entered into a partnership with LuLu Exchange, which is Ripple’s ODL partner in UAE.

Under the partnership, LuLu Exchange will facilitate cross-border transactions for Mbank and help it diversify its services.

Ripple’s new partnerships have confirmed the long-term bullish view of analysts who believe that $1 could be the next price level for the XRP token.


Ripple and InQubeta are among the best cryptos that one can find in today’s markets, as they bring to you the best of DeFi potential.

While Ripple enables businesses to use blockchain for growth, InQubeta empowers startups and regular crypto users to drive an AI revolution. Any ordinary user can become a startup investor through the InQubeta platform.

The two cryptocurrencies sport cutting-edge features, which makes them great for diversifying a crypto portfolio. However, do your own research and check out the features of the platform before making an investment decision.

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