Singapore Establishes Task Forces to Assist Police in Crypto-Related Crimes

Singapore Establishes Task Forces to Assist Police in Crypto-Related Crimes

Singapore's Attorney-General's Office has officially established two specialized task forces, comprising approximately 20 prosecutors, tasked with addressing the crypto related crimes.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Attorney-General's Chambers, Ong Shouren, told a local news outlet that law enforcement agencies are under increasing pressure to adapt and comprehend how criminals leverage technology, giving rise to new crime patterns.

Prosecutors must equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively address these emerging technology-driven crimes, he added.

Ong Shouren stated:

“In general, there are two main forms of technology crimes. One is technology-enabled crimes, directly related to technology, such as hacking into computer systems. The other is technology-assisted crimes, which encompass traditional crimes that are facilitated by technology, including digital counterfeiting, online harassment, and fraud.”

Singapore Establishes Cryptocurrency Task Force

In order to address growing tech-related crimes, Singapore’s Attorney General established two dedicated task forces: the Technology Crime Working Group (Technology Crime Task Force) and the Cryptocurrency Task Force.

The Technology Crime Working Group is primarily responsible for tackling computer or technology-assisted crimes, in addition to managing digital evidence and related matters. 

On the other hand, the Cryptocurrency Task Force is focused on the multifaceted challenges associated with virtual currencies, treating them as assets. 

This includes collaboration with the Singapore Police Force to track, seize, and manage virtual currency assets, an increasingly vital component of modern financial investigations.

Shouren said: 

“We also maintain contact with large technology companies, such as social media companies, because the public sector and the private sector must work closely together to combat cybercrime and respond to the challenges brought about by the rise of technology.”

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