Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction as LUNC Approaches Lowest Level in 2 Months – Will LUNC Keep Falling?

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction as LUNC Approaches Lowest Level in 2 Months – Will LUNC Keep Falling?

The Terra Luna Classic price has just about risen by 0.5% in the past 24 hours, yet its current level of $0.00005632 represents an 8% decline in a week.

And with LUNC also down by 6.5% in a month and by 81% in the past year, the altcoin is definitely in the middle of a prolonged downturn, with the past few months bringing little beyond ongoing declines.

Most of LUNC's problems relate to the inability of the Terra Luna Classic community's to do anything concrete to support its price or ecosystem, and while efforts on this front are ongoing, it will take something big to dislodge the skepticism that has set in concerning the token.

As such, LUNC remains likelier to fall further than to rally big, unless something major changes soon.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction as LUNC Approaches Lowest Level in 2 Months – Will LUNC Keep Falling?

There's not really anything happening in LUNC's chart to suggest that the coin is about to enjoy a recovery rally, even if its weeks and weeks of being oversold would (normally) imply that a rebound is long overdue.

LUNC's 30-day exponential moving average (yellow) remains very far below its 200-day average (blue), and instead of looking as though it's about to rise up it continues to decline.

This is a very bad sign, as is the fact that LUNC's relative strength index (purple) remains just below 40, although it has bounced a little after nearing 35 yesterday.

It's unlikely that this bounce marks the beginning of an upwards correction, given that the altcoin's support level (green) has been sliding downwards for several weeks now, if now months.

Such technicals all provide the impression that LUNC is suffering a long-term decline that could be fatal unless its community does something very special very soon.

Another worrying sign of LUNC's potential death is the fact that its 24-hour trading volume has decreased from around $500 million a year ago to about $11 million today, a 97.8% decline.

This indicates a massive loss of market interest in LUNC, which goes some way to explaining why the altcoin has been unable to recover in recent months.

Of course, the Terra Luna Classic community continues to put forward governance proposals that might, one day, result in significant change, with the latest being a proposal that would freeze a wallet containing 800 million USTC.

As with pretty much every other LUNC proposal in recent memory, the proposal above has incited disagreement within the community, with there being no guarantee of acceptance.

And even if it is accepted, such acceptance does not automatically result in a proposal's immediate realization, as has been found out time and time again in the past few months.

For this reason, LUNC can be expected to slip further in the coming weeks, potentially diving as low as $0.000030 by the final month of the year.

Altcoins With Brighter Futures

Because LUNC's future can't be assured, many traders would be better off turning their attention to alternative altcoins, particularly those that remain up-and-coming and which are likely to have rallies on the horizon.

This is especially the case with certain presale tokens, which can often rally big when they list on exchanges for the first time.

One of the latest presale coins likely to do just that is TG.Casino (TGC), a decentralized casino platform that combines social media with online gambling.

A sign of TG.Casino's likely popularity and success has already been provided by its presale, which has raised over $600,000 despite having been open for only three weeks.

Investor interest and excitement can be put down to two things: 1) that TG.Casino has already launched its platform, and 2) that it offers a very unique take on the now-familiar online casino.

Indeed, what makes TG.Casino special is the fact that it has a large presence on Telegram, where it will be using various channels to help it cultivate a large and active community of users and supporters.

Such a community is vital for any cryptocurrency project that's serious about succeeding, so TG.Casino's heavy use of Telegram is likely to stand it in good stead for the future.

Of course, the platform wouldn't get anywhere if it didn't offer a slick and streamlined casino experience, and in this respect it's encouraging to note that it features a wide array of games, including numerous betting markets.

As a token, TGC will have a hard cap of 100 million, of which its presale will receive 40% going to its presale (with 20% going to staking rewards and 10% to gaming rewards).

Investors can acquire some TGC early by checking out the official TG.Casino website, where 1 TGC costs $0.125.

The token can be bought using ETH, USDT or BNB, and from there holders will receive their TGC once the sale ends, which will see the token list on exchanges and potentially surge.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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