Why Arbitrage Is the Key to Crypto Success this Winter

Why Arbitrage Is the Key to Crypto Success this Winter

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Now, more than ever, digital assets holders need a reliable strategy that can provide a predictable profit, and the only mode of crypto investing that can be guaranteed to meet this brief, is automated arbitrage. 

Arbitrage opportunities arise just as frequently, in a bear or bull trend, and generate the same consistent return, even in a crash. As a result, arbitrage provides a hedge against falling prices and protection from market volatility. This bear-resilience is making it increasingly popular with investors, particularly with the ongoing uncertainty that characterizes the market right now.

Why Is Arbitrage the Right Strategy for Right Now?

Arbitrage is an automated investment method that generates profits from instances where an asset is temporarily available, across various exchanges, at different prices simultaneously. 

An algorithm, integrated with multiple exchanges will scan all the available coins, 24/7, to find price disparities. Able to perform a massive volume of transactions at the same time, it can make substantial profits by automatically buying a coin on whichever exchange the price is lowest and then, within a split-second, selling it on the exchange where the price is highest.

Why is it becoming so popular now?

Well, price disparities arise all the time, and they occur just as regularly whichever direction the market is moving, so you will continue to earn the same steady return on investment even during an extended crypto bear market.

Because crypto is such a volatile asset class, an automated crypto arbitrage system significantly reduces your exposure. It can respond at lightning speed to emerging opportunities exploiting price disparities of all sizes, around the clock ,at minimum risk ,for maximum returns. 

An Arbitrage Investment Platform Checklist

No matter how low-risk arbitrage may be compared with other forms of investment, any time you dip a toe into crypto waters, you need to be careful who you are handing your money to. 

Here is a list of basic questions to ask when assessing crypto arbitrage investment platforms:

Is the platform secure, transparent, and reliable? 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad actors in the industry these days, making investors more aware than ever of the need for a reliable custodian for their funds. In this regard, there is one clear arbitrage industry frontrunner – the ArbiSmart project.

Increasingly popular with investors, ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage platform launched in 2019, has been expanding steadily and is now a wide-ranging EU registered and authorized financial services ecosystem.   

ArbiSmart revenues are completely predictable and transparent. Profits can be calculated in advance of making a deposit, ensuring a consistent return, in any market conditions.  As one of the many positive reviews on Trustpilot put it:

“Good arbitrage service provider.Quick response of customer service, helping with withdrawals.

I made about >100% profit in less than 1 year.”

How much can you earn and how accessible are your funds?

Every crypto arbitrage platform functions differently and the amount that you earn on your investment will differ between platforms as will the way the accounts are structured. Some will leave you to manage your own arbitrage investments and just provide the technology, while others will serve as custodians for your funds, providing a fixed return on investment.

Here is another area in which ArbiSmart is leading the pack, offering the highest return of any legitimate competitor. You can earn up to 147% with the exact amount determined by your account level, which is based on how much RBIS, the native token that you own.

Own more RBIS, and you will receive a higher rate of return on investment balances in any of the nearly 30 crypto and FIAT currencies supported by the platform. Funds can be locked for all kinds of time frames, spanning from just 1 month to 5 years, with larger returns the longer the lock and if the balance in the savings plan is in RBIS, the profits will be even higher. 

The profits, which get paid out daily, can be sent to a balance from which they can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, the rate of return will be higher if daily returns are added to the locked investment capital, and they will be even higher if they are received in RBIS and locked for the duration of the plan.

Is the platform economy strong and gaining ground?

A project that is constantly innovative with a native token that is going from strength, can provide capital gains, as well as a stream of additional revenue channels. 

Here too, ArbiSmart is setting the bar high. 

The RBIS supply is finite, forever capped, while demand has risen recently with the addition of new services, pushing the token price higher. These include a crypto purchase program, where crypto and FIAT can be bought via the dashboard with a discount ranging from 10% to 50%, depending on the currency and amount being purchased, the length of the vesting period and whether a set amount of RBIS is locked until the vesting period ends.

Another recent addition is the referral program offering ongoing profits of up to 10%. When a referred friend locks funds in an investment plan, they will earn daily profits. As a reward for making the referral, you will receive a commission, and the profits will keep coming in daily, for the entire duration of the friend’s investment plan contract, which can be up to 5 years. 

Token demand is expected to rise  even higher over the coming months. In the pipeline between now and the end of Q1 2023, ArbiSmart will be launching a suite of ever-before-seen interlinked services, all of which will require use of RBIS. These RBIS utilities include a wallet app; an NFT marketplace, an exclusive NFT collection; an innovative DeFi protocol with first-of-their-kind gamification features that will allow yield farmers to boost their APY with their NFT’s and a professional cryptocurrency exchange.

Register and open a savings plan within 3 days of this post’s publication to receive a signup bonus of up to 35%. Lock a minimum of 5,000 EUR worth of your preferred currency, in an investment plan for at least 24 months and receive a bonus, ranging from 12% to 35%, paid in the currency of the investment balance. The bonus is added to the locked principal deposit, increasing your savings capital as well the profit you earn on it. Register, open an investment plan and get in touch with ArbiSmart’s team via chat to claim your bonus.


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